Forms as Assessment

One way that Heather will be tracking her students progress is through the use of Google Forms.  As she creates them, this page will get updated.

Issue Topic Selection - Students fill this out prior to our second 20% day.  The teacher and student then conference about the issues chosen.  The form was left editable so that the student can go back and amend anything from the conference selection.  A nice point about Forms is that it will then show both sets of responses, a great assessment piece!

Self Assessment #1- Students are asked about creating and maintaining their calendar, what they have accomplished and their next steps.  I worked on this with my Spec.Ed EA, but I think it will be tweaked for next time.

Self Assessment #2- Given about midway through the time frame, students are again asked about their progress and being on task.

Final Self Assessment- This was broken into 2 parts: how well they did in terms of the project, and what they thought of 20% time.  There will be some editing of how to submit responses as I wanted them to 'check all that apply' but did the wrong type of question.

How to Be Awesome Conference - this form was used to track students' session selections, t-shirt size, home school and lunch preference.  The only tweak I would make if we used it again was for lunch as some students choose 3 lunch options.